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Our company, MG International Export, is a reputed supplier of Peanuts in many parts of the world. We assure timely deliveries of premium quality Shelled Groundnuts, Unshelled Groundnuts, etc., that tastes heavenly. The collection is packed carefully to avoid any damage to its quality. We plan to improve our packaging capabilities, in future, to regularly ensure the safe delivery of our range to all of our domestic as well as international clients. The mission of our Palanpur (Gujarat, India) established exporting concern is to always bring forth the freshest and delicious collection, at fair prices.

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Best Quality

We have started this endeavor with the belief of delivering the highest possible quality of products available on the market. Consistancy and quality are our ulmost priorities and we intend to thrive based only on these two factors.
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Most Competitive Prices

We try hard to keep our prices up to date and precise so our customers are assured of best prices. We deliver our products with all safety measures.
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Timely Delivery

Our emphasis is to provide timely and hassle free delivery service as promised. We deliver our products across the globe.

Our Products

Export The Best Peanuts In Many Parts Of The World

Exports are goods and services that are produced in one country and sold to buyers in another Country. Exports, along with imports, make up international trade. MG International export products based on exhaustive quality check and ensure all ethical standard to be maintained at every stage of export procedure. A Tariff is a tax placed on a specific good or set of goods exported from or imported to a country side.

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Tasty & Quality Approved Peanuts Are Available Here!

MG International Export is a leading exporter of peanuts, Groundnut Seeds, Peanut Seeds, Bold Peanut Java Peanuts from Banaskantha, Gujarat, India. Located in the rich cultivation belt of Gujarat, We pride ourselves for exporting high quality nutritious and healthy peanuts.

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