TJ Peanuts

India is a major producer of TJ Peanuts and TJ Peanut Kernels Exporters. 

TJ Peanuts are not pure Java quality, but they are a type of Java Peanut. The TJ peanut is distinguished by its dark red skin. TJ Peanuts are primarily sourced from Gujarat. The Gulf countries purchase 50–70% of the TJ Peanuts quality of the total peanuts imported. These are available in large quantities from us. TJ Peanuts 80/90, 60/70, and 50/60 Sortex Cleaned with Moisture 8% Max are available in India. 

M G International is India’s leading manufacturer, importer, exporter, and supplier of large, TJ peanut kernels. Although it is a seasonal item, it is available all year. We regularly export to Indonesia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Iran.

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