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India’s main oilseed is the peanut. About 25% of the nation’s total oilseed production is produced by it. As of now, 1.5 million tonnes of Indian peanut oil and 5-8 million tons of Indian peanuts are produced respectively. Production of peanuts is quite sensitive to variations in rainfall and exhibits significant year-to-year variation. We have a best client database and are the Peanut exporters in India. The export of high-quality peanuts from India to countries like Indonesia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Iran is our primary goal. Bolds or Runners, Java’s or Red Natals, TJ Peanuts, and In Shell Peanuts are just a few of the numerous types we provide as the top peanut exporters in India. These nuts have a deep nutty flavour, a sweet taste, a crispy texture, and a significantly longer shelf life.

Indian peanut exporters sell peanuts to a variety of sectors, including:

  • Food industry
  • Medical industry
  • Oil manufacturing industry

We are one of the High quality Peanut exporter, and we provide various Peanuts. Depending on the demands of the customer, we provide Peanuts in any size. Similar to TJ Peanut, Java Peanut, and Shelled Peanut, our Bold Peanuts are of the highest quality and are widely utilised as a source of edible oil.

We are Indian Peanut Exporter, and the peanuts we provide have a wide range of uses. In addition to being used to create peanut butter and anti-aging medications, shelled peanuts can also be roasted, fried, and eaten as a snack. A significant quantity of mono saturated fat, which is recommended for the health of the skin, comes from peanuts. During the storage season, when ground nuts are vulnerable to fungus diseases, the ground nut oil that we provide is carefully cultivated and stored at Gujarat& Rajkot.
Several regions of the nation are home to peanut farms. Additionally, peanuts come in a huge variety and are sold in national as well as international markets. Different purchasers could have specific tastes when it comes to buying a certain variety of peanuts. There are several types of peanuts available from MG International. The variation that best matches the demands of the purchasers is available for selection. There are several benefits to buy peanuts from us, in addition to their quality and diversity. Additionally, we focus on providing the best peanut packing while maintaining reasonable rates.

As contrast to other nuts like walnuts, almonds, etc. that grow on trees (and are occasionally referred to as “tree nuts”), raw peanuts really grow underground. Leguminosae is the only plant family that includes peanuts, beans, and peas.

We have enlisted the help of qualified quality analysts with extensive industry knowledge in order to maintain a rigorous check on the goods’ quality. We are a quality-driven company, thus we make sure that the raw materials used in manufacturing of raw peanuts meet necessary norms.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any questions regarding raw peanuts or any other peanut product we make.

Indonesia, the Netherlands, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran

Types of Peanut

  • Bold peanut
  • Java Peanut
  • TJ Peanut
  • In Shell Peanut



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